Don’t Forget the Interior

interiorWhen asked, people tend to describe a building by its size, shape, and exterior materials. For that matter, many facility designers believe the form of the building is what is most important and its interior function is a result of that form. In reality, interior design and flow facilitates the experience and productivity for the people who work and visit inside the building. By focusing on the interior layout and the function of the space, the form will follow. When the form becomes an expression of the facilities function a successful project will be born. So don’t forget the interiors…

Interior design should be more than picking out paint & flooring colors. Ideally the components of good interior design include:

  • Efficient floor planning with an understanding of the volume of each space.
  • Selection of materials for interior finishes that inspire.
  • Selection of furniture & furnishings that increase productivity.

Good interior design selects proper materials with respect to budget, sound & light control, durability & maintenance, and timelessness.  Restaurateurs will acknowledge that it is not just the excellent food, but also the interior atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back.

At PDMi, we are committed to serve our clients with the best architectural designs, engineering & project management, including the interior spaces. With that objective in mind, we strive to keep abreast of ever changing building codes, construction technology, and material offerings & trends. After all, the design of a building is only as good as the success of the people and the business that functions within it.

Please give me a call if we can help your business keep up with this ever changing world.

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