2 Ways – Which will you choose?

boatThere are always two ways to accomplish any task. Generally speaking either way can get the job done, but without a doubt one way will lead to success and the other way will lead to unexpected (or maybe expected) consequences. As a good friend of mine would say “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. The guy in the picture just may get his boat launched, but I bet he will not drive his truck home tonight.

Sadly all too often we have clients that try to launch their building projects “Truck First”. This inevitably leads to unexpected cost over runs, construction schedules not completed on time and product performance that will not live up to expectations. In past ebits we have talked often about the value of planning before you do the detailed design/engineering and designing/engineering before you start building. These are great concepts that we stand firmly behind. But you can have the best planning, designing, and building only to find the systems/components of the project are flawed or not right for your application.

So to help you launch your project the right way, we want to take the next three months of ebits to look at different individual systems of your building. Systems like foundations, structural systems, doors/windows, HVAC, etc. In each ebits we will share an experience we have had with that system to give you an idea on how to avoid the unexpected. In other words: choose the way to succeed. We hope you enjoy this series of ebits, but most of all we hope you find them informative.

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