See it, then Decide


We are working with a facility manager on an expansion inside his existing facility. The goal was to expand his auditorium and add a cafeteria. In itself that can be a challenge but when he told us that he wanted to enlarge his present mezzanine by 50’ x 80’ and put these two functions in that space – well he got our attention. You can only imagine the building code issues that come into play with two large Assembly occupancies on an elevated mezzanine. We rolled up our sleeves and got going. This client has built and renovated many facility projects but he understands that 2D drawing do not always tell the whole story. At his request we developed a 3D model of his building and placed the proposed mezzanine space inside. We then located and modeled the required stairs, corridors, and fire separation walls. The 3-D model allowed him to See it, then Decide how the expansion could be completed and where the conflicts would be. The added benefit is that he now has a 3-D rendering that he can show the boss so he can See it, then Decide.

Contact us about how we can use our 3-D modeling tools to deliver a project you can see before you decide to build.

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