…a Thousand Words!

Have you ever struggled to explain your vision to someone else?  Are there times when you know exactly what you want, but can’t seem to convey it accurately—particularly when it involves your building or renovation project?  3D virtual-modeling can be the true “picture that is worth a thousand words.”  Seeing your brainchild in 3D can turn a nebulous project plan into a visually conceivable reality.  3D virtual-modeling is perhaps the best tool we’ve ever run across for communicating both the scope and details of your vision to employees and your construction partners.

We recently had the opportunity to utilize this 3D virtual-modeling technology on behalf of a client that is adding on to his facility.  PDMi is in the process of designing and documenting a two story addition to a local retail store.  We began where all design starts—with the programming and schematics.  However, as the project started to take form, we found that the owner sometimes struggled to visualize the final product (space, details, relationships, etc.) from a 2D blueprint.  So we created a 3D virtual-model; the result enabled him to make informed and proactive decisions.  This owner was able to use the 3D virtual-model to streamline his building project in three distinct ways:

  • Communicate to his staff. The 3D virtual-model allowed his staff to make interior design decisions based on function and appearance. Beyond that, it helped the employees to visualize their project’s outcome.
  • Conflict Identification between building systems. Because of the 3D virtual-model, the designers were able to prevent conflicts between building system requirements before construction actually started. By proactively intervening to prevent many headaches, the Owner will save both time and money along the way.
  • Communicate to his Contractor. The owner was able to use cut-away sections from the 3D virtual-model as a powerful tool to help the contractor understand the building materials and details. This knowledge allowed the contractor to develop a complete budget and schedule prior to the completion of the construction documents.

While a 3D virtual-model seemed unnecessary to this owner at first glance, I know he would tell you it was well worth the effort.  Give me a call to see how we can use 3D virtual-modeling to create a picture that is worth a thousand words for your next project.

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