Are you Prepared?

On December 1, 2014, new 2014 Indiana Building, Fire, Mechanical, & Fuel Gas Codes go into effect state wide. Indiana has no grace period to allow use of the old codes after the effective date.  Therefore, all commercial remodel and new construction projects submitted on December 1st and after must comply with and will be reviewed using the new codes.

There are many significant changes from the current 2008 Indiana Codes. Some will add costs and some will save costs, but they will affect the design of most projects. Several of the changes will fix compliance issues that have plagued the industry over the last few years and will result in fewer variances. Many involve additional ADA accessibility requirements.

In order to avoid unexpected costs, confusion, and delays during state review that will impact the success of your project…

  • Work with a design professional familiar with the new codes to assure compliance issues are not a surprise.
  • Determine if there is an advantage to submit your project prior to December 1st.
  • Determine if there is an advantage to submit your project after December 1st.

October is the traditional time of year for scary things, and new building codes can send chills down people’s backs, but PDMi can help identify compliance issues early and manage the process so that this October is not so scary for your business.

Call me. We would like to help you get prepared for your next project.

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