Author: Gerry Bollman

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Last week I got a call from a client we worked with several years ago. They are a distribution company that has outgrown their facility. They have investigated multiple options to solve their space needs. These options ranged from building a new facility, leasing an off-site building, to buying an existing warehouse. They located an existing building that seems to fit their needs but it has a sight problem. The southeast corner of the building has settled 18”+ over the years (They are not looking to buy the Leaning Tower of Pisa; I just think this is a cool picture and it illustrates my point). The current owner of the property tells them that the settlement has stopped and all is stable today. As he says “Just put up with a sloped floor and all will be fine.” With that, they called us.

They do have interest in this building because overall it is adaptable to their operations. They also know that “Due Diligence” must be completed in order to fully understand all the issues/problems this property may have, very smart thinking on their part. So why is getting a Professional Engineer or Architect to help you with your Due Diligence a smart thing?

  • Because you or your staff may not have the expertise or experience in facilities design.
  • You do not want to buy a property with a problem without understanding the problem.
  • You will not want to own a building that may have Building Code violations.

We would love the opportunity of working with you as you complete your Due Diligence on your next project. I look forward to your call…

Summer – Where Did it Go?

I woke up this week and realized that September is only eight days away. Where did the summer go? I had a great summer. I never said it was not a busy summer, but it was great. The family and I did a lot of fun things this summer, like going to Wrigley Field, walking many golf courses, enjoying little league baseball games, visiting the Science and Industry Museum and spending a lot of time at the lake. But, one of my favorite summer highlights was seeing my 8 year old grandson get more confident on the wakeboard.  Even though I experienced all these things and enjoyed them, I had to stop and think why in the midst of a busy schedule was it a good summer?  It is kind of like experiencing a good building; you don’t always know why you like it; you just know you do.

Dan Gagen, our senior designer at PDMi, reminds me often that a well-designed building is experienced from three vantage points and that is what makes it pleasing to a person. Those vantage points are:

  • Street Scale: This is where you are driving down the road at 55 MPH and you see the building. At that point you are experiencing the Massing / Colors / Proportions of the building.
  • Parking Lot Scale: This is where you are still in your car and are entering the parking lot. At that point you are experiencing the Textures / Scale of the building elements / Landscaping & Signage of the building.
  • People Scale: This is where you are walking up to the building. At this point you are experiencing Details of the building elements / Entry Statement / Warmth of the space.

If all three are designed well and fitted together correctly you will love the building, but may never know why, and that is an architect’s goal. A sign of a great building is one that you like being in, but does not over power you. Like a good summer – you really enjoy it, for so many reasons!

We would love the opportunity of designing your next building so that you, and the many that will come through its doors, can enjoy it. I look forward to your call…

Busting at the Seams

Do you feel like you are busting at the seams?

When PDMi started in June of 2008 we had 1,000sf of office space. Those were great years, but we felt like we were “Busting at the Seams”. Now 11 years later, we will be moving into our new 2,600sf office on July 30th.

Our new address is:
725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Is your business growing, yet becoming less efficient?  We can help! We understand the hurt points that cramped facilities bring and how they affect your response times and efficiency.

Don’t let your cramped conditions keep you inefficient any longer. Let us work with you to expand or renovate your current location or build a new facility that will encourage your present and future growth. I look forward to your call.

What’s Below Your Waterline

I love this picture of the Iceberg. I have used it over the years to illustrate that there is always more below the water line than there is above the water line. In the case of the Iceberg, only 10% is seen and 90% unseen. Many times, on building projects, what is above the waterline is considered “The Project”. That which is seen often defines the project’s success or failure. But the truth is, what is below the waterline has a much greater influence on how successful the project will be.

So the question is “What’s below the waterline of your project giving it balance and stability? I believe things like Good Planning, Understanding the Building Codes & Regulations and Knowledge of Building Systems & Materials are key to making what is seen a success.

At PDMi we are proud of what is seen above the waterline of our projects, but what defines us are the things we do below the waterline. We work hard on the things below the waterline in order to make what is above the waterline successful.

Call us to help you understand what needs to be done below the waterline in order for you to have a successful above the waterline project.