before_afterA while back D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Homes asked us to help them improve the main entrance of their Lakeside Park facility. The entrance had several problems which we set out to solve by balancing form and function.

The “BEFORE” problems included:

The elevated main entrance door was accessed from their west main parking lot by a steep set of steps and from the smaller east parking lot by a very narrow ramp. The small flat canopy porch over the front door just did not function well, had many flashing and drainage issues, and provided a visually weak entry statement. The small porch and steps continually proved to be a bottle neck when groups of visitors tried to enter and exit the building at the same time during visitations.

The “AFTER” solutions included:

The old steps & ramp were removed and replaced with two new ADA ramps. The new ramps provide access for those with a disability as well as others from both parking lots in an efficient and safe manner up to a new larger covered entrance porch that allows for visitors to stand and talk without blocking traffic. The old leaky canopy was replaced with a new larger, sloped roof canopy that fixed the functional issues as well as provides a strong & pleasing entrance look. Meandering ramps, stone retaining walls, open & airy canopy, and new landscape plantings were designed to provide a softer “park like” experience when entering the facility.

The next time you are in the Lakeside Park area of Ft. Wayne, please drive by and see how form and function can work together to provide a solution that works well and has a strong visual appeal.

Give PDMi a call so we can give you solutions that work and look good on your next project.

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