Benjies In the Bank

cashregisterWhen something went very well for a good friend of mine, he would always say, “That’s just like Benjies in the bank”. Whether or not it was as good as putting $100 bills into his bank account or not wasn’t the point. The point was he was jazzed and ready to go! So what would make you Ready to Go on your next project? I would contend that it could be “Planning”, because without it you are not sure where you are going, and most likely you will not be jazzed when you get there.

A contractor buddy of mine tells me that he was called by a client to look at demolishing the existing walls and utilities within the client’s building to make room for a new operation. The client walked him to the existing space and pointed to one area and then to another area and asked him to take this stuff out.  You can imagine the confusion the contractor had. The client did not have a plan, so the contractor did what he thought made sense. Because of that, the pricing came in over budget and additional time & effort was needed to revisit the project scope and negotiate the final cost.

Here are three simple planning tips that will impact the success of your project…

  • Define the Project. A defined scope should include the expected objectives and benefits allowing for good understanding between the stakeholders.
  • Develop a Schematic Plan. By identifying space requirements & support functions along with quality standards and permitting issues, the contractor can prepare an accurate proposal.
  • Develop a Schedule and Budget. This will give you a target to measure the contractor’s proposal against. This is a very useful tool in final negotiations.

On another note, PDMi continues to plan for the future by adding staff to better serve you. Pat Steffen joins Dan, Brad, Mark, and me as a project designer. After his graduation from the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning, he worked for a local design firm before joining our team. We believe having his knowledge and experience on staff is like “Benjies In the Bank”.

Call me. We would like to help you get ready to go on your next project.

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