Busting at the Seams…

Do you feel like you are busting at the seams?

busting_smIs your business growing, yet becoming less efficient?  We can help! We understand the hurt points that cramped facilities bring and how they affect your response times and efficiency.

You are not alone! Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District had many of these same challenges. They had outgrown their current recycling receiving and equipment maintenance areas. We were able to design a new facility for equipment maintenance and storage which allowed them to expand their growing recycling operations in their existing building. They now have a new maintenance facility where they are comfortable and efficient, while giving them more space in their present building for future recycling growth.

Don’t let your cramped conditions keep you inefficient any longer. Let us work with you to expand or renovate your current location or build a new facility that will encourage your present and future growth. I look forward to your call.

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