Constraints – Don’t Let Them Bite You…

picConstraintsIf you don’t identify them early they will always come back to bite you.

As I have said many times, all projects have three parts – Planning, Detail Design, and Construction. It is my belief that planning is the key to any successful project. A well planned project considers all the constraints that will be present before, during, and after the project. By identifying them early on, working with them, and managing them during the planning phase you will not have the problem this building owner has.

So the question is “Do you want to be Proactive or Reactive?” If the answer is Proactive then consider the following areas of Constraints as you start your next project:

  • Site: Topography, Easements, Utilities & Storm Water.
  • Buildings: Mechanical/Electrical Systems, Structural items & Building Materials.
  • Regulatory: Codes, Ordinances & Licensures.

There are many more but this is a good list to start with.

Engage the constraints before it is too late. Call or email us, we would love to help you be proactive on your next project.

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