Digging for Gold

Several years ago the Fort Wayne News Sentinel newspaper ran an article that caught my eye. The headline said “Unearthed Plans for City Coliseum”. That would not be much of a news story except for the fact that the article tells how the general manager of the Memorial Coliseum was cleaning out his closet and found detailed 1917 construction documents for a project that was conceived long before the design and construction of the 1952 Memorial Coliseum we know today.

As I read the article, memories came flowing back to me of numerous occasions spent digging through rolls of old blue prints in an owner’s closet, his basement storage room, or his highly secure storage cabinet – a big old cardboard box. Sometimes you get lucky and you find what you are looking for, but most of the time you go away empty handed. However, the hunt is always worth it because you never know what “gold nugget” you may unearth.

If you are fortunate enough to have blue prints of your facility I recommend:

  • Inventory your drawings so you know what you have and don’t have
  • Place your drawings in a place that is secure yet accessible. With existing blue prints this can be done by having the drawings scanned and digitally filed.
  • Remember the drawings are not “museum pieces” they should be used for reference, but never allow them to be removed from the premises without a transmittal of who took them and when.

If you don’t have documentation of your facility, give us a call and we can help you create them.

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