Don’t Forget the Inside

When asked, most people describe a building by its size, shape, and exterior materials. Some Designers & Property Managers believe that a building is just the covering that keeps weather off of what is going on inside. The exterior of the building is important (a topic for a future eBits) but in reality, it is the interior design and layout which facilitates the experience and function for the people who work inside.

We are working with a client on a new Corporate Office building. Along with the layout of offices, conference rooms and support spaces we have been working through the many offerings of finish materials & furnishings available to make the workspace enjoyable for their staff and customers. This process takes time and there are many compromises along the way, but it is well worth the effort when the space comes together.

Interior design should be more than picking out paint & flooring colors. Ideally the components of good interior design include:

  • Efficient floor planning with an understanding of the volume of each space and the flow between them.
  • Selection of proper materials with respect to budget, sound & light control, durability & maintenance, and timelessness.
  • Selection of furniture & furnishings that increase productivity and collaboration.

At PDMi, we are committed to serve our clients with the best facility design, architecture, engineering & management, including the interior spaces. With that objective in mind, we strive to keep abreast of ever changing building codes, construction technology, and material offerings & trends. After all, the design of a building is only as good as the success of the people and the business that functions with-in it.

Please give me a call if we can help your business keep up with this ever changing world.

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