This is a picture of my two granddaughters taking a breather after a rough and tumble tube ride. The older one always says, “Grampy, please let’s have just a normal ride, nothing crazy”. While her younger sister says, “Start with crazy and go from there”. Obviously as the ride starts, they do not share expectations; by the end they both have a great time whipping outside the wake, bouncing over the waves and riding without holding on.

Just like a building project, you start out with certain expectations. As the project moves along you get out of the wake, you bounce on the waves and at times you feel like you are not holding on. So how do you set your expectations on your next facility building project?

  • Know why you are doing this specific project and what value it will bring to your business. This allows you to have a measuring stick to determine if your expectations are met.
  • Retain, as part of your team, professional Engineers, Architects and Contractors that understands codes, design concepts, construction technology and cost. Their input will be invaluable in managing your expectations.
  • Recognize that sequence matters. Plan before you design; design before you build; then build the designed plan. As the old saying goes “Ready-Aim-Fire”. Following the right sequence will always lead to fulfilled expectations.

PDMi would love the opportunity of helping you set your expectations, manage your expectations and see your expectations fulfilled on your next project. Then you, like my granddaughters, can look forward to the ride. Give me a call…

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