Fast Track

We were recently awarded the contract to provide the Design, Engineering and Construction Documents for an addition to a first time client’s facility. We were excited to be able to help them through the Planning, Designing and Construction phases of their project. When we submitted our proposal for professional services we were told that the time frame from planning to equipment installation was tight. At our initial design meeting the client asked about using “Fast-Track” methods to get the project completed sooner.

“Fast-Track” is construction jargon for a project delivery strategy to start construction on a project before the design is complete, in other words integrating Design with Construction.  The purpose is to shorten the time to complete. Since it overlaps the processes, it might better be called telescoping – but Fast -Track carries a sense of action and movement, so it has been adopted by our industry.

As with all delivery methods, Fast-Tracking a project has its Risk and Rewards which can include…

  • Risk: When the construction begins, the final cost of the project is uncertain because not all items are designed & detailed. This risk is often dealt with by using a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract based on the construction budget with an open-book accounting system. There is also risk in that what is built in an early phase of the project may not suit or fit later design decisions or equipment selections. This risk can be managed during the project by an experienced project team.
  • Reward: Shorter schedules can reduce ongoing cost of an overcrowded facility or offsite storage. Cost of project overhead, general condition items (dumpsters, jobsite offices, port-a-pots, etc.) and supervision are also reduced by a schedule that is compressed.  By fast tracking your project, long lead items can be identified early in the process and pre-ordered allowing them to be on site at the exact time they are scheduled for installation.

If you would like to explore whether the Rewards are worth the Risk of “Fast-Tracking” your next facility project, give me a call. Our experienced staff will go to work for you…

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