In two weeks my grandson will turn four years old. Today Jackson will experience a “first’.  It has been fun watching him grow and experience those first things like – riding in the tube behind the boat, learning his ABC’s, going to a Tin Caps game. Today he and his mother are visiting the suburbs of Chicago. They will be riding the train downtown and going to the top of a high rise building to see the sights. I would love to be there to see his reaction to the Chicago Skyline from 60 stories in the air.

I was thinking that some of you may be about to embark on your “first” building project. So what are the first steps to a first project (or for that matter – any building project):

  • Think Globally – Using an ordered process you should progress from that big global picture to a detailed solution that includes the things you value.
  • Identify Constraints – Building Codes, Zoning Ordinances, Utilities, Site Characteristics.
  • Establish Goals & Objectives – How will the facility function for you and how will you know if it does.
  • Distinguish Between Wants & Needs – Generally people tend to see everything as a need. Compromise is not a bad thing as long as you, not someone else, decide what you will compromise.

If we can help you plan your next facility project, give me a call. We would love to go through the First steps with you.

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