Foundations: Can’t Live Without Them

We are working with a client on producing schematic documents that will establish the scope and quality of a proposed building addition. The goal of the documents is to set the foundation for the project so that when corporate approval is complete, the design, permit/construction plans & specs and construction can start immediately.

Setting the foundation of the project during planning is a lot like setting the foundation for the building during construction.

  • Building Foundations support the superstructure from settlement and failure. Planning provides the base to keep the project from veering too far right or left before it ever gets started.
  • Building Foundations are seldom seen after they are constructed, which makes them an “underappreciated” building component. Planning is also “underappreciated”, because it is not what you see at the end of the project.
  • Building Foundations are very difficult to repair after the building is built; Planning sets the why, how and what for the project. If the answers to these questions are not correct, it becomes very difficult to get the project correct after it is moving forward.

At PDMi, we can help you establish that sound foundation on your next project. Give us a call; we want to put our experience to work for you.

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