Getting to Market

bridgeGetting your products and services to market expeditiously is the main driving force behind the renovation, updating, and construction of  new facilities. We have been working with a client that needs a larger facility in order to bring more of his services to the market place and he needs that facility now! Our client’s desires to lower the cost, accelerate the schedule, and incorporate greater innovation in the design and build process has led him to consider what method should be used to deliver the project.

Before you hire a professional firm or a contractor, consider the type of relationship you will enter into to build your project. Here is a look at the three common project delivery methods available to you…


  • Owner hires Architect/Engineer to prepare drawings & specifications.
  • General Contractors competitively bid the project from the completed documents.
  • Selection of contractor to do the work is generally based on cost or schedule.

Construction Management

  • Owner hires A/E to prepare phased documents and CM to manage the construction.
  • Trade-contractors bid or negotiate the work of their trade.
  • Selection of trade-contractor to do the work is based on cost or schedule.


  • Owner hires a team consisting of the Architect/Engineer/ Contractor
  • The team controls scope, quality, schedule, and budget throughout the project.
  • Trade-contractors bid or negotiate the work of their specific trade.

Our client chose the Construction Management delivery method but that may not be the right method for your project. Call me today and we can talk about the pros and cons of each of these. I look forward to hearing from you.

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