Go Cubs Go

I spent a day this week with my wife, my son, and my grandson at Wrigley Field. It was a great day for a baseball game, time with the family, and having fun. I am a Cubs fan and have been for years. My son became a fan at an early age and now I am excited to see my grandson become a fan too. Certainly last October was great for us Cubs fans; it was a long time coming. I am not so naïve to think that everyone is a Cubs fan, but I do believe that everyone has a favorite team that they love to wear the team colors of and root for. Why? Because watching a team get better week after week and then end as a winner is fun!

When my team has had success it comes from many of the same reasons a building project has success. These include:

Commitment from Upper Management. For any project to be successful Upper Management must understand why the project must be done, what items are to be valued and how the project will be measured during construction and at completion.

Skilled, Experienced & Prepared Team Players. A project team includes the Owner, the Engineer/Architect and the Contractor. Just like on a sports team each member needs to understand their role, do not do more (or less) than that role requires and lean upon their experiences to make the whole stronger than the individual parts.

Execution of the Game Plan. You can have the most skilled, experienced & prepared team players backed by the most focused, united & supportive management, but if the plan is not executed it just does not matter. Creating a great plan and executing that plan will always bring success.

We at PDMi want to see your next project become a success. Contact us and we can help you create the game plan and be certain that it gets executed.

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