Going the Right Way

Have you ever been driving down the street and made a left hand turn only to come to the realization that you are headed east and all the oncoming traffic is headed west? In other words, “You are going the wrong way!” I am going to admit that this has only happened to me once (or maybe twice – but not more than three times) in my many years of driving. When this occurs multiple emotions come over you. Emotions like: fear that a head on collision is about to happen, embarrassment of being in the wrong place and the general feeling of stupidity. There are many absolutes in this world, even though we many times do not recognize them or choose not to follow them. One of them is driving the right direction on a one-way street.

You have heard the old saying “They did what seemed to be right in their own minds”. We have had some clients over the years that have applied that saying to their facility projects, but we have also had many clients that have not. One of our clients, that did not want to go the wrong way, called me last week. He said that they had been approached by a developer that wanted to purchase a portion of their site for future development. He admitted the easy answer to the developer would have been sure, we are not using all our land and we could use the money from the sale. Instead, the client took a step back and asked the questions; how much land do we have, how much land will we need for future expansions and how much land could be sold? The call to PDMi was to help them answer these (and many more) question before they responded to the developer.

Please give us a call so we can help you “go the right direction” on your next project.

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