If I just had a do over…

Who hasn’t heard of, or participated in a building project where someone at the end of the project has said:  “If I had it to do over again, I would change … “.  Often times that statement is a byproduct of poor Planning. The facility planning process is one of gathering, interpreting, and organizing the parameters of the project (site constraints, building codes, existing building architecture, available materials, budget, client‘s current and future needs, and client’s wish lists). After the parameters are defined and their functions understood they are ranked by priority. Then, and only then, should Planning start.

In many ways, the “Art of the Design” is the ability to digest and understand these parameters and develop a facility plan taking into consideration constructability, functional relationships, and pleasing aesthetics that respond fully to as many of the owners given parameters as possible.

After the planning process is complete, development of the facility design is undertaken. The success of the facility design encompasses more than just a functional floor plan and a good-looking facade. It must…

  • Treat the project as a whole composition and not as a group of parts & pieces.
  • Identify systems that are able to work together, and complement each other.
  • Understand that the purpose of the design is to “facilitate”, or support, the functions inside the structure.

In the end, what measures the success of a building design is the efficiency and experiences of the people who use the building. Give us a call, we would like to put the “Art of the Design” to work for you on your next project.

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