Location, Location, Location


Every project is located on a site. Whether your project is a new “greenfield” project or an addition to an existing building, the site will affect the project’s Scope, Quality, & Budget. So how the site is used has great influence on the project’s success. We at PDMi understand the connectivity of buildings/paving/utilities and the site. As we determine how the site can be utilized we consider:

  • …where the site is located in relationship to municipal roads, public utilities, and customer access.
  • …the physical dimensions and shape of the site in order to establish where the buildings, drives/paved lots, and private utilities can be located.
  • …the local zoning ordinances & storm water regulations so that the agency approval process will encounter few to no surprises.

Let PDMi develop a Site Utilization Plan for your next project, using our 3-D modeling tools. It will not only give you a visual perspective of the developed site but will identify areas needing to be addressed as the project moves along.

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