March Madness

A very good friend of mine had the opportunity of being a starter on the 1966 – 1967 Fort Wayne South Side High School Archer’s basketball team. Their season was climaxed by a trip to the final four at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. This was March madness before there was a “March Madness”. A while back Chuck, I, and several other friends watched a video of that 1967 afternoon game. It was fun to relive the moment with Chuck and see how the game was played,’ back in the day’. Even though it was fun to watch the Archers compete on the biggest stage of Indiana Basketball, I would hate to see them don the short shorts and play today’s game. Age would not be the problem, even though I am sure they would be a little slower today. It is just that the game has changed in the last 48 years. New tactics and playbooks have emerged.

It is the same with the Design Build method of delivering a building project. The tactics & playbook used 10 plus years ago have given way to technology and the owner’s increased demand for value added solutions. Just like with basketball, the game may have evolved, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. Those fundamental reasons to choose Design Build are:

  • An Integrated Team: Owner, Designer and Builder work together maximizing coordination, communication and scope development throughout the project, reducing conflicts through cooperation.
  • Cost Control: Accurate project budgets are established at the start of the project and are controlled in “real time” as the project moves to completion. This allows decisions about scope and quality to be made with cost in mind.
  • Schedule: Overlapping the phases of designing and building fast tracks the schedule and reduces the project’s construction time.

Design Build continues to evolve into the one delivery method where the owner, designer and builder form a union with one goal in mind; delivering a project that is value added. PDMi has always been committed to the Design Build method. Contact me today and I will show you how it can work on your next project.

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