Never say Never

A while ago, we engineered and designed a large distribution facility for a grocery chain on the east coast. Due to the size of the facility, they needed a large parcel of land to support not only the building but also the truck traffic and trailer storage needed for the day to day operations. They located a site that seemed to be perfect: why did they choose this site? Well as the old real-estate phrase goes “Location, Location, Location”! This site was located along a major transportation corridor; it was large enough to meet the opening day needs along with plenty of acres for future expansion, and it was in a small town where the tax structure and available workforce were favorable to the corporation.

With all the positives of “Location, Location, Location” came the reality of “Problem, Problem, Problem”. The problems on the site were: it had designated wetlands; it had three different endangered species of wildlife and the biggie – it had three Historical Cemeteries. But: Never say Never. The sleeves were rolled up and the work began on these constrains. Some of the wet lands were mitigated and some were built around. The client purchased more land so that the construction would not encroach into the part of the site where the endangered species lived. They went through the process of moving two of the historical cemeteries and designed the driveways to miss the third one.

So when you love the “Location, Location, Location” but face the reality of “Problem, Problem, Problem” here is what you do…

  • Identify the constraints early in the project.
  • Gather your team and determine how to manage the constraints.
  • Don’t let a couple of constraints cause you to move on. Remember “Things worthwhile don’t come easy”.

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