Old Bread

This week, I spent some time with my 2 ½ year old grandson, Jackson. We decided to go out to the pond behind our house and feed the fish. We took with us the bag of old bread crust Grammy keeps in the freezer for times just like this. As much as Jack liked throwing pieces of bread into the pond to give the fish a snack, he also thought that maybe he too, needed a snack!  So one piece went into the pond and two pieces went into Jack. This went on until the bag was empty. We headed back to the house to face Grammy. She could not believe Grampy allowed Jack to eat the ‘old bread’ when there was plenty of fresh crackers and cookies in the house.  What she was missing was that it old bread is not necessarily bad and can still have a purpose; in fact, it may be just right for a Grampy, a grandson, and a pond of fish on a warm spring day.

Just like old bread, old buildings are not necessarily bad and can still have a purpose; in fact, they may be just right for your needs. We have helped many clients work through the issues faced in reusing older buildings. Things like:

  • Building Code issues for Changes In Use
  • Analysis of structural constraints for renovation projects
  • Designing systems to bring tired facades back to life

If you feel like your building is old and lacks purpose, call us; we would love to show you how to bring it back to life.

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