realvilleAll our projects begin with a meeting where we talk with the client about the scope of the project and their expectations for the process of doing the project. I can’t tell you how many times the client looks like the “deer caught in the headlights” as they come to the realization that they may not get everything they want and there may be “bumps” along the road to completion. The thing that amazes us most is that often the “deer in the headlights” client is the one that has gone through a building project before. We just had this happen again last week with a client who wants to build a new office building.

As they come to the realization of how the process will work, I like to say “Welcome to Realville, USA”. Realville is where Compromise Street intersects with Success Boulevard. Every project has a Compromise Street and you will travel down it. Traveling along it is not a bad thing (after all it leads to Success Boulevard) unless you find yourself on it unexpectedly. In other words your travels are not managed properly.

Three areas of the project where compromise will need to be managed are:

  • Budgets: There are no free lunches and every scope item and quality issue has an associated cost. There is always compromise in the Scope x Quality = Budget formula, but at the end of the road will be success if managed well.
  • Construction Technology: It is not always what you build, but how you build it. Site conditions, weather, material availability, or schedule will often dictate the final detail or function of a part of the project.  Managing the how, and the technology of the how, will keep you between the guardrails.
  • Regulatory Agencies: Understanding, from the start, the regulations and building codes that apply to your project will keep you from getting caught on a side alley that adds time and unexpected expenses.

Give us a call. We would love to meet you at the city limits of Realville and travel to Success Boulevard with you.

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