Road Trip

I received this in an email this week:

“Without knowing where you want to go, a GPS system has no idea what course to plot. Such a fact calls to mind the old saying. ‘If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.’ But once you know your destination, lots of other decisions can be made: travel time, weather, eating arrangements, road & traffic conditions and much more. Destination is everything when it comes to making purposeful decisions.”

As I read this, it made me think that planning a Road Trip is a lot like planning a building project. Unless you know your end goal it is difficult to plan the route to get there. With all building projects, if you don’t prepare before you get started, the chance of the project going well greatly decreases.

Three questions to answer before you start your next building project:

  • What Do I Value? Wants vs. needs must be balanced on every project. The answer to another question “Does it bring value to the project?” will determine which want or need stays or goes.
  • Where am I Compromising? Compromise is not a bad word, it is only bad when you compromise and didn’t know it. As you prioritize the “value added items” on your list, compromise may need to take place. That is ok because you are doing it purposefully.
  • When Do I Need the Project Completed? Having an overall schedule with milestone dates will keep the project on time and your stress level under control.

Let us help you prepare for your next project. Give me a call; we would like to take the trip with you.

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