Rules of Thumb

thumbIn life there are those sayings that influence our life, give us guidance to live by and give us good direction. They are not indisputable, always right or come with a guarantee, but they are generally true, work the majority of the time and by following/understanding them your life can be better. To name just three examples of these “Rules of Thumb” in my life: “If Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy”, “Cash is King” and “Confused people do nothing”.

Many times as our clients are thinking about a building expansion or new facility they will ask us “What is the “Rule of Thumb” for..?” Over the years we have accumulated a variety of rules of thumb on various topics that help set the beginning point for projects. Three often asked questions have been:

  • How much land will I need to support the size building I am looking to build?Rule of Thumb: Based on your occupancy (Doctors Office, Church, Manufacturing, etc.) a ratio from 3:1 to 5:1 of land to building will establish a workable starting point.
  • How big should my employee training room be?Rule of Thumb: A floor area to person ratio of 15:1 if your employees are at tables and a ratio of 7:1 if your employees are seated at chairs in rows.
  • How much of my building should be allocated for circulation?Rule of Thumb: Based on the use of the space you should allow 15% to 20% of the gross floor area for lobbies, corridors, stairs, etc.

Rules of Thumb are just that, rules of thumb. As with many things in our life they are affected by specific circumstances and criteria. Because they are generally true, they provide a very good starting point for your next project. Give us a call, we would love to talk about how to apply all the Rules of Thumb PDMi’s staff has accumulated to your next project.

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