Scope x Quality = Budget

Scope X Quality = Budget

As an engineer I guess I have always appreciated a good formula. Unlike some other things in life, you can count on good formulas to work at all times. Scope X Quality = Budget is no exception. As in all successful formulas there is one variable and multiple givens. When you have one given and multiple variables things just don’t add up. The best way I can explain that is by illustration.

Say you go into a car dealer and you tell him you want the scope of a five seater, the quality of a new Mercedes and your budget is $10,000. We all know that is not going to happen. If you go into the same dealer and tell them you have a budget of $10,000 and you need the scope of a five seater they will show you a used mini-van. Understand there is always a variable. The game is to keep the variable to one factor and control the other two givens. When you do that you will have a successful transaction.

We have had clients that tell us something like,” I want to construct a new 10,000sf building with the look of the upscale office building I saw along the highway and my budget is a quarter of a million dollars”. That formula just doesn’t compute. This is where we apply our Scope X Quality = Budget formula. We ask what their scope needs are, what they value on quality, and balance that with their budgets. Or ask what their budget and needs are and balance the quality. You can see how powerful this formula can be. We have used this formula for years with our clients and it has never failed.

Call me and let us put this formula to work on your next project.

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