Stating the Obvious

Two key components of any successful business are Opportunities and Clients. I know that is stating the obvious but it is true. Project Design & Management, Inc. is in its 6th year of providing Professional Design, Engineering, and Project Management services. We would never have survived had we not had on-going Clients and great Opportunities. The result has been sustained growth. This growth has led to adding two professionals to our staff since July.

We are pleased to introduce our latest associates: Pat Steffen and Joe Humbert. Pat is a graduate of the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning. He joined our staff in July with five years of experience in preparing construction documents and facility design. Joe is also a graduate of the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning.  Joe came on board October 1st and has over 30 years of experience Designing, Documenting, & Managing Industrial and Commercial projects. These two Architects are a great addition to those of us that have been here since day one.

So how can you best use our staff? Let us provide…

  • Planning – the understanding of what you want/need and how to get it done.
  • Documentation – the communication tool to show the contractors what you value and the detailed drawings to build it.
  • Managing – the organization of setting parameters on scope, schedule & budget so your project will meet your expectations.

PDMi is thankful for our Clients and look forward to future Opportunities to serve them. Contact me today so we can put our staff to work on your project.

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