Stating the Obvious

I worked with a guy once that would always say “You did a good job of stating the obvious”. Of course we would always agree that we were rather insightful.

What seems obvious to me is that people are looking for that one convenient spot where they can go to get their needs met. This became evident when we got a call from a local chef that was looking to open a new restaurant. She knew where she wanted to be located, she knew what menu she would be serving, and she knew what customers she would be targeting. These were all obvious to her, but the things that were not obvious were the things she did not know. Things like, would the space she was looking to lease meet her needs? What are the regulatory code requirements for her to open? What is the construction cost of the tenant improvements? These are all things she needed for her business plan. After asking some questions and thinking through the answers we were able to help her.

When you are looking for that “one spot” of help on your next project, find someone which can…

  • Assess your facility needs and match them to a facility.
  • Help you through the regulatory mine field.
  • Design a buildable project that reflects you and your needs.
  • Implement your project, on time and on budget.

PDMi can do all these things. There I go again stating the obvious. We hope it is obvious to you. Give us a call if we can be of any help.

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