Webster defines Strategist as “one who is skilled in carefully planning to achieve an end result”. We at PDMi are strategists in that we skillfully follow a method of planning with our clients to achieve a value-added solution for the facility problems they face.

Several weeks ago, we got a call from a client that manages a multi-tenant facility. One of the anchors was in need of additional space. Due to the anchor’s location in the facility, he was “land locked” with no easy solution for expansion. The facility had available space but not contiguous to the anchor’s space (it was contiguous to his neighbor’s space). Because of that fact, PDMi got the call. It took some strategic planning on our part (and some strategic negotiations on the property manager’s part) but a solution was found that allowed the anchor tenant to grow while satisfying the displaced neighboring tenant.

Always remember that Strategic Planning…

  • Starts with the End in Mind. Understanding what you want to achieve before you start will lead to a successful solution.
  • Investigates Multiple Options. When more than one option is explored, the best one can be flushed out.
  • Leads to Designing and Building. Only after the plan has been established should designing and building begin, not the other way around.

Let us be your Facility Design & Build Strategist. Our methods are tried and true. Feel free to contact us as you begin the planning process of your next project.

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