Two Bosses…

Well summer is just about “officially” over! I know Labor Day has always been the day that marks the end of summer activities, but let’s face it, as soon as school starts summer is behind us. Back when I was a kid, school did not start until after Labor Day, so Labor Day marked that transition from summer to fall.

The end of summer means that pulling my two granddaughters tubing is done for 2020. I love watching them have a ball riding the wake and getting tossed around like rag dolls. All that fun will need to wait until next year. The one thing I have learned over the years is that no two tube rides are ever the same. But one thing is always the same; when my two granddaughters are riding together – you have two bosses. Madelyn is always giving the thumbs up (go faster) while Kathryn is holding on for dear life. The look on Kathryn’s face says “not so rough”. In the end, they have a blast and always want to go again. I love them both, but deciding who to listen to is always a challenge.

I was thinking that this is a lot like many of our projects that have two bosses. The question is: How do you manage to keep both bosses moving in the same direction, on the same schedule and with the same goals? We have found using the 3C’s (Collaboration, Compromise and Communication) is an effective process to keep a project moving to a successful completion.

  • Collaboration: Find the things you agree on and then agree on them!
  • Compromise: Identify the things you do not agree on; roll up your sleeves, go to work to find a compromise you both can live with.
  • Communication: Develop a process to keep all the stakeholders in the loop; be diligent to use the process and always be respectful of other ideas.

Having multiple bosses on a project is not a bad thing. But having multiple bosses going two different directions can make a building project much more difficult. By collaborating, compromising and communicating, your next project can be a success. If we can be of help, give me a call.

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