Last weekend my wife and I were out for a Valentine’s Day dinner at a local restaurant. As I was walking through the dining room I heard my name called out. As I looked around I saw an out of town client of PDMi’s that had spotted me, so my wife and I headed over to his table. After we had caught up on the events of the evening and we introduced our wives, it was back to our table to finish our evening out.

This got me thinking about seeing people outside the normal places (clients not at their office, contractors not on the jobsite, vendors not trying to sell you stuff) and how that sometimes causes us to stop and refocus. This is not dis-similar to being outside your norm with a building renovation project or a new facility. Many of our clients do not do facility projects on a regular basis so when these projects come along they tend to be confused, and we all know confused people tend to be uncomfortable people. We have helped many of our clients become “comfortable” with their facility project. Comfort always comes with the facts. When you know…

  • Why you need the project (justification of the project)
  • What needs to be done (scope of the project) & in What order (schedule of the project)
  • How you will measure its progress & competition (documentation of the project)

…you become confident that your project will be successful.

Let PDMi help give you that confidence on your next facility project. Call or email me (or just call out my name no matter where you see me next) and we will make sure your next project is successful.

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