Where Did You Get Your Driver’s License?


We were called to a warehouse, which a client of ours leases to a Distribution Company, to look at a pair of steel columns that were damaged. When we got to the warehouse we started walking around to find multiple dings, bends, and structurally damaged columns. The owner’s question was “How Did these columns get this way?” The answer is “The tenant’s fork truck drivers hit them”. No one really knows where fork truck drivers get their license, but it’s clear to those of us outside the industry that wherever it is, some of them need additional training.

This experience made me stop to think how many times we do things we are not always totally prepared to do which causes use to bump into columns along the way. This can be especially true as you look to expand your facilities, build a new building, or just renovate an existing space to accommodate growth.

As you drive through your next facility project you need to…

  • Establish the aisles you need to navigate.
  • Recognize that all aisles are not straight and there may be some cross aisles along the way.
  • Understand, as my daughter would always tell me, “The lines are our friends, stay between the lines”.

When you establish your plan of action, recognize there may be danger around the corner, and understanding the project’s limitations, your project will succeed. Call me. We can keep you from bumping into “Columns” on your next facility project.

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