Over the years we have emailed you pithy information about facility projects through our e-bits. We hope you have found them useful and enjoyable. We will continue to send them throughout 2017. But we want to make sure you have a full understanding of Who we are, What we do, and How we do it.

WHO WE ARE… PDMi is a Professional Engineering, Architectural, and Project Management firm. We partner with our clients on new projects or facility renovations. We operate under an “open-book” approach which enables our clients to engage in all the aspects of design and building a project.

WHAT WE DO… PDMi manages the risk inherent in the Design and Build process. The process starts where all projects should start, with upfront planning and scope development then moves to detailed design and finally to the implementation of the plan.

HOW WE DO IT… PDMi believes in the partnership of the owner, designer, & contractor. The best way to leverage every dollar you invest in your facility project is through the team effort of the owner, designer, and contractor analyzing the project’s needs against viable solutions of space utilization, building systems, and building code requirements.

It is PDMi’s belief that the Owner Benefits from a Professional Firm that is Looking out for You. Those benefits come by delivering a project you value, delivering a project where cost and schedule is controlled, and by delivering a project that is designed on a basis of form follows function.

Give us a call; we would look forward to sitting down with you to talk about Who we are…What we do…and How we do it.

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