Who’s Looking Out for You?

Over the last several years, we have e-mailed you pithy information about facility projects through our e-Bits. We hope you have found them useful and enjoyable. We will continue to send them twice a month throughout the year.

We want to be sure you have a full understanding of who PDMi is and the services we provide. You will find that information on our website www.pdm-i.com which we invite you to visit.

In a nut shell…

  • Who We Are: We are a Professional Engineering, Architectural, & Project Management Firm.
  • What We Do: We manage the Risk Inherent in the Design and Build Process.
  • How We Do It: We believe in the Partnership of the Owner, Designer & Contractor.

We realize there may be many reasons why you would look for help with your facility needs, but we have found the two main reasons are: 1) You do not have the experience on your staff to complete the task effectively or 2) You are short on people and you need “arms and legs” for a specific project.

Either way, you need someone that is looking out for you. Someone focused on your agenda. That is what we do – we value what you value. Sure we provide Professional Engineering, Architectural and Project Management, but it is not “WHAT” we provide, but “HOW” we provide it that keeps our clients satisfied.

Call me and we can talk about your next project and I will gladly give you references of clients that got an answer to their question, “Who is looking out for me”?


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