Why What How

At a conference I was attending, I heard a speaker say “People mostly know what they are doing and how to do it, but they often do not know why”. This may be generally true on issues we face in our lives daily, but it made me stop and think about whether this is the case with facility projects. Our experiences show that many of our clients know why they need to expand their facilities or build new ones, what they do not know is what to do and how to do it. This is where the specific process of Planning, then doing the Detail Design, then doing the Construction comes into play.

When facing a facility project you need to answer the Why – What – How questions, in that order.

  • WHY: The why question is answered during the Planning Phase of the project. The answer to the why question gives purpose to the project.
  • WHAT: The what question is answered during the Detailed Design Phase of the project. The answer to the what gives definition to the scope and quality of the project.
  • HOW: The how question is answered during the construction phase of the project. The answer to the how gives organizational context to the project.

When the process of Planning (the Why) then Detail Designing (the What) then Construction (the How) is followed you can be assured that your facility project will be a success. Give me a call; we would look forward to helping you answer these questions on your next project.


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